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About Tom Rosensteel

A professional in the technology sector, Executive Thomas “Tom” Rosensteel holds more than 18 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business development. A graduate of the University of Saint Thomas, Tom Rosensteel obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Business. His career since 1994 has included positions with a number of technology corporations serving territories in both domestic and international markets.

Presently, Thomas Rosensteel serves Excelsior Solutions as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. Since joining Excelsior in 2011, Thomas Rosensteel has been primarily focused on developing and managing strategies for cross-marketing services with third-party affiliates. In his role, Tom Rosensteel presides over a majority of Excelsior’s marketing functions and is responsible for managing a variety of features, including electronic media, web design, collateral, logo and branding, and public relations content.

Prior to joining Excelsior, Thomas Rosensteel was a member of several leading business technology corporations, including IPC Information Systems, where he served as Director of Sales, and Odyssey Technology Group, where he served as Vice President of Sales. He additionally served as Director to a small construction company, Midwest Construction Management, a role that helped prepare him for his future endeavors in marketing and business development.

Along with his contributions as a marketing professional, Thomas Rosensteel is involved in entrepreneurial pursuits, working to extend his expertise to other industries, including healthcare. Additionally, he is an active member of his local community, and frequently supports church and school functions as well as non-profit organizations such as Christopher Inn International. In his free time, Tom Rosensteel enjoys fishing, coaching, and playing sports.

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